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Create a bedroom haven for arty kids​

Encourage little artists to take inspiration from the ocean. Whether doodling marine creatures or cutting out sea shapes from moulds, your child’s imagination will flourish. Expressive bed linen and textiles add a playful backdrop.​

Tucked up with turtles​​

Dress the bed with charming printed bed linen to make your child’s room more individual. This 100% cotton duvet cover is patterned with small, friendly turtles – a kid favourite.​

Add a splash of rainbow​​​

Journey to the bottom of the sea with the BLÅVINGAD colouring paper roll. Children can bring colour and life to the scene with felt-tip pens, pencils or watercolours.​

Crafts inspired by creatures​

Did you know that the octopus is an expert in camouflage? Creative activities like dressing up will inspire children to learn more about the ocean, with the help of squeezable soft toys.​

Squishy shapes from the sea​

Kids can cut out cute characters inspired by the ocean with these modelling dough cutters. This hands-on activity is a great way for little ones to fine tune motor skills.​

The ocean is my home​

From tiny ones to tweens, take inspiration from the ocean and create an immersive and imaginative space for your child.​

For little dreamers​

A soothing space for your little one with soft bedding, huggable toys and dreamy lighting.

A nautical hideaway​​

Make a cosy nook for young explorers with printed bed linen, charming toys and educational games.​​

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