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Bedrooms for some alone time

We all need the space to explore our own interests. For some people, that means getting out into the world, but even in a family home, environments can be created that allow individuals to find their own flow. In this apartment, the bedrooms have been designed for just that.

A bedroom for a little explorer

Creating a private space for children to explore their fascinations is a great way to encourage their curiosity. This bedroom is all about the natural world, so whether drawing starfish or listening to stories about woolly mammoths below penguin-themed bed linen, little animal lovers will feel at home here.

The teen cave

A bunkbed is a great addition to a teen’s room. It means there is space for a friend to crash, but with scatter cushions along its length, it comfortably doubles as a day bed – perfect for an afternoon of chilling, gaming or catching a snooze.

Creating spaces for private moments to oneself

Even when sharing a bedroom, there are still methods for creating pockets of privacy, such as separate get ready stations with all the things one needs to prepare for the day ahead.

A multipurpose main bedroom

Sleep may be the primary focus in this shared bedroom, but as a calm and welcoming space, its also ideal for quiet solo activities such as a cosy moment with a gripping book or catching up on paperwork sat in a supportive office chair at the desk.

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