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An elegant dining room that shines in a narrow space

This statement dining room wows at first look with its mirrored walls, muted tones, dark wood, and elegant furniture. The long, narrow room puts the dining table in the center, making it the heart of the space. Bold and confident yet warm and welcoming – this space has a vibrantly curated style that is easy to recreate in your own home.

Balancing wooden furniture with sleek lines

Furnishing a narrow space with a big table works perfectly in this room. The dining table becomes a statement piece, placed in the middle as an anchoring point. There are plenty of wooden elements in the room but it doesn’t overwhelm. Achieve visual balance with sleek forms like dining chairs with thin legs.

A curated style down to the smallest details

Create impact with thoughtful dinnerware and decoration that add to the style of the room. The choice of glassware and tableware – with clear glass, rounded forms and reflective surfaces – is coordinated with the interiors, making for a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Like jewels in your dining room

Store and display in an artistic way

Placing two cabinets on either side of the narrow door optimises the small space – using the space for practical storage as well as for decoration. Integrated lighting adds to the mood, and elevates everyday items into pieces of art.

Playing with sunlight to make a narrow space bright

In this room, we used different ways to control light. Layered textiles are wonderful for privacy, letting light in with sheer curtains or blocking it out completely with heavier textiles. Mirrors reflect the light and make the room appear larger.

Dazzle your guests with a gem of a dining room

Every day feels like a celebration in this glittering dining room. A statement wall full of mirrors makes for beautiful decoration but also makes the room appear larger. Sleek, modern chairs, a grand wooden table and coordinated glassware come together to form this elegant look.

Like the playful Scandi look?


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