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A traditional-style home office that’s a game room, too

When you‘ve got your gaming gear just right, why not give it – and you – a space you both deserve. With a super-supportive chair, adjustable desk and lots of accessories, this gaming setup will keep you comfortably on top of your game.

An active workspace with a personal look

With a height-adjustable desk letting you change between sitting and standing, and a sit/stand support helping you sit actively, you’ll feel – and work – better here. Stylewise, the furniture is kept as a neutral base so an individual, homey look can be created by the retro lamp, natural materials like wood and many personal objects.

A gamer’s paradise, traditional with a twist

A spacious desk, supportive chair and organized storage – perfect for gaming (and homework). The look is traditional but with modern touches – like the wood-effect top of the desk. The poster and the pine wall cabinet, painted with timeless stripes to match the feature wall opposite, set the style.

Helping hands to boost your performance

Whether you’re going for a new high score in your favorite game or preparing a presentation that will dazzle your boss, keeping your space organized will help you stay focused.

A patchwork quilt of organized storage

Warm, traditional-style wooden shelving is the starting point here. Different kinds of things are then stored together in different zones in boxes, baskets and even a drawer unit. It’s a vibrant mix of materials, shapes and patterns, all in the same color scale to keep it looking coherent.

A quick change for the evening

It’s time to unwind. The lighting has been adjusted to cozy and a couple of light chains hung up to boost the mood. The sofa bed has been folded out to make space for some relaxed lounging. It’s all done in a few minutes and the sofa bed is perfect if any guests are staying the night.

Put together to create joy

This room combines a handcrafted feel and natural materials with modern functionality. It freshens up earthy tones with brighter colors and playfully mixes simple patterns like stripes with ones based on folklore or flowers. It’s full of joyful combinations that create a warm, welcoming and practical space for work, gaming and just hanging out with family and friends.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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