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A small urban balcony turns into a modern sanctuary

If you feel like your balcony has some untapped potential, check out this smart solution that can easily revamp it into a cool and versatile hideout. The refreshing mix of metal frames and wooden slats will support many different uses and help you see your balcony in a whole new way.

If this balcony could talk...

... it would ask you to eat outside, put your feet up, maybe light a candle, and relax in your little jungle. You’d be surprised by how much you can do in such a small space. And when the sun sets, a mix of pendant lamps and LED lighting chains can amp up the cosiness.

Everything changes, even your balcony furniture

First you have a table, two chairs and two footstools that you can use while dining al fresco, reading or listening to music. A minute later you have a compact solution leaving plenty of space for gardening. It’s our favourite kind of magic.

Storage space, vertical garden and more

Even a small wall has a potential to become your new favourite spot on the balcony. Use a sturdy and lightweight shelving unit to house your greenery and store extra pots. Fresh herbs will always be within reach when you’re eating outside. Just don’t disturb the shoots growing in the plant nursery!

Recreate the look – piece by piece

A smart and versatile solution for a small balcony

This all-round set with table, chairs and footstools can adapt to many uses and fits in different spaces. Combine its modern design in wood and metal with some plants, cosy light and music to start spreading good vibes.

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