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A small, contemporary hallway filled with family storage​

Leaving the house with babies and small children can easily turn into mission impossible, so here’s a small but super-organised hallway with lots of ideas to cover everyone’s needs – in a fresh, uplifting style. Filled with soft colours and wall storage, it has a relaxed mood that feels surprisingly spacious.

Baby essentials, ready to grab and go

Brought to life with a harmonious combination of green, beige, and grey, this handy storage area is all about making sure those last minute essentials are always ready for the off. A mix of storage, from the boat-inspired hook to the textile hanging wall storage, keeps smaller things tidy – and looking good.

Your mobile storage hero

Narrow and discreet, this white trolley blends into the background, helping maintain a feeling of calm. Teamed with boxes in greens and greys it connects to the colors throughout the space – and becomes a storage superstar making sure toys, blankets and other useful outdoor supplies are where you need them.

A wall of style

Who said an affordable white shoe cabinet can’t create drama? This wall of sleek storage reflects light and enhances the overall spacious feel – as well as being a streamlined way to keep piles of shoes and stray gloves at bay. The red chair adds a feel-good colour pop – a warm welcome after a long day.

Storage helpers to boost the look

Give your storage a lift

Shift the storage focus higher up to create a spacious and cosy hallway with more room on the floor. Here, a grid of storage boxes also helps to set an ordered and homey feel. A final tip? Don’t underestimate the power of the mirror. As well as being there for last looks, it makes the space feel even bigger

A hallway bathed in light

Layered lighting is your friend when it comes to setting an inviting feel. Wall lamps bring out specific areas, but the real star here is the pendant lamp with its mellow, organic patterns spilling through the hallway. They create a energising space that says ‘welcome home!’ to you, your family and guests.

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