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A small bathroom becomes a minimalist oasis

Recreate that spa feeling of being pampered even if the space in your bathroom is limited. The sleek high-gloss finishes, the warm colours and the darker details create a calm and well-balanced atmosphere that turns your bathroom into the perfect me-time space.

Nothing is more relaxing than a clutter-free room

Enter this stylish and contemporary bathroom where everything is designed for your well-being. Adjust the dimmable light integrated in the mirror to feel more relaxed, knowing that everything is at hand thanks to the soft drawer organisers. Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

Just like being at the spa

Enjoy your me-time even more by surrounding yourself with comfortable and relaxing accessories"

The delight is in the details

In order to turn this modern bathroom into a true oasis, we invited nature in by adding lush plants and natural materials. The spa feel is enhanced by soft textiles and fine details such as the black trolley that provide extra storage space and comfort.

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