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A modern living room with pastel colours and cosy corners

Looking to design a living room where toys don’t take over? The look of this living room is playful without being childish – it’s sophisticated and elegant yet fun and full of personality. Featuring candy-inspired colours done in a harmonious way, smart zoning tips and plenty of storage solutions, this room is artful, cosy and inspiring.

Colours inspired by a candy store

The combination of colours in this living room is central to the room’s playful yet sophisticated style. The pastel colour palette – bubblegum pink, minty green and jelly blue – is balanced with dark wooden furniture and toffee-brown accents. The low furniture and light colours give the room an airy feel.

Pastel candy colours balanced with dark brown tones

Elegant side tables embracing the sofa

Here’s a stylish way to arrange living room furniture while having your things close by. We placed the sofa and chaise longue in the middle of the room and placed these side tables around them. The dark wood adds warmth to the room, and provides balance to the lighter colours.

Plenty of storage and display possibilities

This living room is a hub for different activities so storage is key to keep things tidy. Open storage is great for easy access, like for books and often-used toys, while closed storage gives a more uncluttered look. The panel in this BILLY bookcase lets you display artwork or photos on the door.

Boxes and baskets for an organised bookcase

Create zones for different activities

Consider how you and your family will use the living room, and create zones accordingly. Here, we created a cosy corner for me-time by placing a chaise longue back-to-back with a sofa. Then, we made use of the space underneath the stairs for a study and hobby nook.

A fun and stylish living room for the whole family

Pastel colours inspired by a candy store, elegant dark brown wood and smart use of space feature in this modern living room. Low furniture and the light colours give an airy look, while artwork on storage doors and plenty of fun elements add character to the room.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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