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A modern kitchen is the heart of a stylish and functional home

We’ve created this modern kitchen for a medium-sized living space, a mix of different materials and textures to enhance a stylish life. Carefully chosen products tie everything together in an elegant collaboration for the complete look and feel. The kitchen is clean and clutter-free, minimalist yet super functional with lots of storage.

Kitchen peninsula for cooking functionality with handy storage

Looking for cooking, with smart, clutter-free storage? Open the drawer, you’ll see it’s a drawer within a drawer. Modest yet super-functional, cutlery has a well-organised home in this bamboo cutlery tray, itself at home in this kitchen peninsula where utility combines with look in well-designed elegance.

Dine in a kitchen with a welcome for one and all

This kitchen area says Scandinavian design, with its diversity of materials and colours reinforcing the message. Black chairs, wooden table and the lighter hanging lampshade echo the colours and feel of the wall panelling, cabinet and flooring. This is a combination where individuality mixes to create unity.

The kitchen peninsula that has space and time for everyone

Our kitchen peninsula is the heart and soul of this inclusive kitchen. Space for people to mix and meet, room for everything from preparing food and cooking to paying bills or doing homework. You can store away your paperwork in the drawer below and your cups, plates and glasses in the glass cabinet above.

Smart kitchen storage, even for the things you don’t use everyday

We designed our storage to make everything available while your kitchen remains uncluttered. A smart home based on common sense. What you don’t use every day goes in the top cabinet, stored yet easily accessible. Open the door and the automatic lighting comes on so you can find what you need.

Everything you need to create a stylish, functional kitchen

Get the products to tie everything together for your modern kitchen with that elegant, minimalist feel.

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