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A modern hallway full of mood-boosting colour

With its joyful, inviting colour palette and smart ideas, this modern hallway comes with an upbeat colour twist. At its base are walls in sugar-pastel shades combined with simple white storage furniture to set the backdrop for a style that’s built with carefully chosen accessories and everyday objects.

Pick ‘n’ mix style

An open coat rack and free-standing trolley filled with everyday things give the hallway an airy feel, creating a welcoming atmosphere that establishes the energy of the home. The overall look here is candy-shop pretty, a vibrant display that makes everything a curiosity with its own story to tell.

Storage that unifies the look

A closed wardrobe with its crisp white finish and slim mirror brings a sleek look and a sense of cohesion to the hallway. The mirror adds to the depth of the space, reflecting light and greenery and making it feel more dynamic. A few blue rugs joined together create a soft, welcoming zone.

Elements that bring the hallway to life

Against the candy coloured walls, the open shelves become a blank canvas for harmonious arrangements of everyday objects and found treasures to engage the senses. And with their fresh good looks, electronic devices are seamlessly integrated into the overall look, elevating the space and keeping a fresh feel.

Little details that count

Decorating details make all the difference. The soft cream of the letter holder and light green of the mirror are lifted by the red colour pop of the shoehorn, making sure that all the final checks are taken care of in this hallway, right down to the last look.

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