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A family kitchen for connection

Ask families across the globe which room is the heart of their home and many will answer without skipping a beat: their kitchen. From chopping the ingredients, to laying the table and setting the mood with lighting and music, this kitchen caters for more than just a meal – it has been designed for connection.

The home bakery

While cooking may be an art, baking is certainly a science. Getting the measurements and timings just right takes care and the correct tools, but luckily with cups, tins and accessories a plenty, any cake’s success is fool proof in this kitchen.

Lean back and relax

Bar stools and wooden chairs are standards in a kitchen, but the cosy addition of an armchair means there is always a comfortable place to relax while chatting to the chef or waiting for the cake to rise.

A smart home for easy evenings

The cake is baked, the tea brewed to perfection. All that’s left is to dim the lights, pick a chilled-out playlist and tuck in! Luckily, the ideal mood is just a button click away thanks to the smart home system, keeping the focus on connecting with others rather than fussing over what song to play next.

Time to do the dishes

All good things come to an end and when the final crumbs have been eaten, washing up must be done. Dishes are much less of a chore thanks to easily accessible cleaning accessories, so with soap, gloves, brushes and towels at the ready, it’s just a matter of deciding who is washing and who is drying tonight.

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