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Industry: Office
Floorspace: 200 ping
Budget: NT$ 2,000,000

By collecting employees' expectations for the office, the space adopts a human-centered design with Nordic fashion to establish a simple and refreshing overall vision. In addition, according to the needs of post-epidemic office types, collaboration and meeting spaces are expanded to improve work efficiency; the seating area is designed by the window, which allows user to work independently without interference and enjoy a panoramic view of the urban landscape; the ceiling-floor-fastened open storage system is added, which can not only store, display, and divide the space, but also effectively organize the wires. The open storage system is definitely an excellent choice to keep the space clean and tidy. Last but not least, the color-flash chair and kitchen wall paint not only add interest to the public area, but also turn it into an appealing interactive zone, which allows colleagues to use the area more effectively and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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