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A plant ball for meat lovers

Plant ball: For meat lovers

IKEA believes that small changes can make a big difference. That’s why we created the plant ball that has the same look, taste, and same juicy bite as our classic Swedish meatball. A more sustainable choice with the same deliciousness.   

A new interpretation of the Swedish meatball.

The future of a healthy diet is more vegetables and less meat, but it doesn’t mean that meat lovers have to lose out on the meaty experience. The plant ball is created with the same deliciousness—made with pea protein, potatoes, onion, oats, and apple, our plant ball has the tasty flavor and texture of a Swedish meatball. There’s no animal product in our plant ball. We created that perfect meatball-like umami flavor using grinded mushroom, tomato and grilled vegetables powders.

Meat new challenges 

The environment is facing rapid impact and IKEA is committed more than ever to a sustainable future. We know the importance of such responsibility and actions need to be taken promptly. At IKEA, we are devoted to achieving sustainability and are committed to becoming climate positive by 2030. One of the actions is to introduce more plant-based food to our range. The plant ball is one of the efforts. Whether we are meat lovers, flexitarians, vegetarians, or vegans, sustainability is on all of our plates.
We asked two customers what they thought about the plant ball. We want to know what you think as well. Come have a taste!

New flavor is ready to go 

HUVUDROLL plant ball is the latest addition to IKEA's growing food ball family. IKEA Taiwan proudly welcomes its arrival in October, 2020! You now can enjoy plant balls in our restaurant, and they go perfectly with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, lingonberry jam and peas—with the same friendly price tags and side dishes as our classic Swedish meatballs! Needless to say that you can also get the plant ball in our Swedish food market. Curious about how good they are? Dig in and find out!

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