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Wall to wall makes room for it all

When you’re living small, wall storage is a true space saver. But why settle for just storage? Add a workstation too – and your TV, plants, lighting, displays and more. Small budget? No problem. Here’s how to fit it all in.

Storage that sits well in your wallet

How about a new, wallet-friendly series for the full storage combination you need? Shelving units, cabinets and TV benches for a coordinated look that blends well with other series – so you can add a nice workstation too.

Creative display behind glass doors

Valuable collectibles, delicate decorations and other favourite items sit well in a cabinet where they can be on display – but out of reach behind the glass door. This also keeps the dust out.

Generous cabinet for generous play

It seems that you can never get enough storage at home. Preferably close at hand and behind closed doors. That way, it’s easy to clean up after play time, for instance. Just round up the toys in boxes and stow them away.

A beacon in sustainable lighting

More sustainable lighting isn’t just about what bulb you choose. It can even include the material the lamp is made of. This little work lamp has been awarded for its resourceful design in recycled plastic – and provides great work light too.

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SVALLET - Desk lamp, dark grey/white | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE724751_S4

Desk lamp, dark grey/white

$ 199


BAGGEBO - cabinet with door, white, 50x30x80 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE830615_S4

Cabinet with door, white, 50x30x80 cm

$ 749


BAGGEBO - cabinet with glass doors, metal/white, 34x30x116 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE815393_S4

Cabinet with glass doors, metal/white, 34x30x116 cm

$ 1,299


MARIUS - stool, white, 45 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE735650_S4 MARIUS - stool, white, 45 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE735650_S4 MARIUS - stool, white, 45 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE735650_S4

Stool, white, 45 cm

$ 149


LENNART - drawer unit, white | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE564513_S4

Drawer unit, white

$ 479


BAGGEBO - TV bench, metal/white, 90x35x40 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE833372_S4

Tv bench, metal/white, 90x35x40 cm

$ 499


BAGGEBO - shelving unit, metal/white, 60x25x116 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE815396_S4

Shelving unit, metal/white, 60x25x116 cm

$ 599


BURHULT/SIBBHULT - wall shelf, white/white, 59x20 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE774045_S4

Wall shelf, white/white, 59x20 cm

$ 149

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