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Let your patio storage set you free

The backyard is often a forgotten space, but just think weather-resistant storage and your patio can be put to great use. With everything tidy, you’ll even have space for whatever activities you’d like, from morning until night.

Cabinets for outdoor storage

Get extra space for sports equipment, tools, cleaning gear, gardening stuff, supplies and much more. These cabinets are made in galvanised steel and have a polyester powder coating that makes them durable for outdoor use.

Space for a drying rack

A well-organised patio gives you free space that can come to good use for lots of things, like letting your clothes dry out in the open. This foldable drying rack only takes a moment to set up – and stows away just as easily.

Roomy storage for more

There’s always a job for a big, weather-resistant plastic box. For instance, it's the perfect space for storing the cushions for your outdoor furniture – or if your furniture is small and foldable, simply stick it in here all together.

The best table in the place

With a dining group that’s nimble enough to easily move with the sun – or the shade – you can quickly get set just the way you feel like. Perhaps for a fresh morning coffee or some after-work treats.

Shelving unit, in/outdoor

$ 549


17-piece tool set

$ 399


Box, white

$ 79


Box, white

$ 109


Tea towel, white/dark grey/patterned

$ 129 / 4pack


Bottle with stopper, clear glass, 0.5l

$ 69


Box with lid, white

$ 179


Net bag, set of 2, natural

$ 179


260-piece screw and plug set

$ 279 / 260pack


Plant pot, in/outdoor grey

$ 169


Drying rack, in/outdoor, white

$ 799


Box with lid, in/outdoor, dark grey

$ 599


Plant pot with saucer, in/outdoor terracotta

$ 299


Plant pot with saucer, in/outdoor terracotta

$ 249


116-piece picture hook set

$ 199 / 116pack


Plant pot, in/outdoor off-white

$ 149

0 (0)

Led string light with 12 lights, indoor/battery-operated black

$ 659


Plant pot, in/outdoor off-white

$ 199

0 (0)

Led table lamp, dimmable outdoor/black

$ 1,599

0 (0)

Cabinet in/outdoor, beige

$ 5,998

0 (0)

Plant pot, in/outdoor natural

$ 799


Rug flatwoven, in/outdoor, beige/light blue,133x195

$ 1,499

0 (0)

Box with lid, white

$ 99

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