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A personal space to cherish the me-moments

Wouldn't it be nice to have a nook of your very own? Somewhere to pause and breathe with a cup of tea and a good read. And where you comfortably can do your styling with everything you need at your fingertips.

A place that says you

By all means, share and get some likes. Finishing your own beautiful mespace is something to be proud of, but also surprisingly simple. A dresser, mirror and comfy chair – and don’t forget, the right lamps for functional light and a bit of flair.

Each thing in its place

With makeup, jewellery and other small things in neat trays and matching boxes, organisation can become almost intuitive in supporting your daily routines.

A dresser to centre around

Sitting comfortably goes without saying – throw in that foot-rest pouffe too – but what sets off this whole ensemble is the dressing table. There are many small desks that can fit the bill, but sustainable bamboo is a stylish way to go.

Organising in clear style

A good tip for accessorising is to combine opposites that bring a little balance. A makeup organiser in smoked, transparent plastic contrasts the wooden look nicely, and makes finding what you want super easy.

A cup of joy

Isn’t it curious how much your favourite cup adds to the taste? No matter if you’re a coffee or tea person, it really is the small things that make all the difference.

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VILJESTARK - vase, clear glass, 17 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE699813_S4

Vase, clear glass, 17 cm

$ 39


GLADELIG - mug, grey, 370 ml | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE767830_S4

Mug, grey, 370 ml

$ 149


GLADELIG - plate, grey, 20x13 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE780021_S4

Plate, grey, 20x13 cm

Previous price $ 279

$ 229 / 2pack

0 (0)

AGEN - chair, rattan/bamboo, 58x56x79 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE120743_S4

Chair, rattan/bamboo, 58x56x79 cm

$ 1,499


SOLKLINT - wall lamp, wired-in installation, brass/grey clear glass | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE778928_S4

Wall lamp, wired-in installation, brass/grey clear glass

$ 579


NORDKISA - dressing table, bamboo, 76x47 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE748752_S4

Dressing table, bamboo, 76x47 cm

$ 2,799


TAVELÅN - tray | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE769613_S4


$ 279 / 2pack


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