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Disposal of Old Furniture Service


Prepare for the Old ; Ready for the New

Replacing the old with the new is always a necessary part of life and furniture. We are happy to provide the removal and recycling service for your unwanted old loves.

Old furniture removal fee: From $ 200

Service covers addresses only within a 100m parameter of the loading point.


Please note:
  • This service is only available to customers who purchase IKEA products and use IKEA delivery services. Please ask for the old furniture removal when you arrange the delivery service.
  • Please make an agreement with your community guard, management team or the local Environmental Protection Bureau in advance on the removal and disposal matters.
  • Some larger old furniture needs to be dismantled for removal so that the dismantling cost will be incurred.
  • For buildings without lifts, there will be an additional charge of $75 per floor, up to 6 floors. Prior notice is required if there are staircases inside duplex apartments, basements or atriums. A flight of 6-17 steps shall be counted as one floor.
  • Once you confirm for us to proceed with the removal, our mover will not move the furniture back. You need to accompany our movers to complete the disposal task throughout the moving process to ensure that we place the old furniture in the correct location; if the item is damaged during the move, IKEA will not be liable for compensation.
  • Please remember to take out your valuables in the old furniture first to avoid property loss.
  • Our mover will collect payment on site, and our service provider will mail you the invoice.
  • Due to the equipment restrictions, we are sorry that we cannot provide services that require crane slings to lift out the large furniture. 
  • The disposed furniture must be the same category with purchased one, and no more than the purchased quantity.

Old mattress recycling service

Old mattress recycling service

We are happy to assist you to recycle your unwanted old mattress. You can enjoy the old mattress recycling service when you purchase a new one.

Recycling fee : From $835
Mattress items
Charge standards
Single sprung mattress $835
Single foam mattress
Single pocket sprung mattress
Super single sprung mattress
Queen sprung mattress $940
King sprung mattress
Queen foam mattress
Queen pocket sprung mattress
Please note:
  • The service is only available to customers who purchased the IKEA mattresses along with the IKEA delivery service.
  • The charge only includes the removal of the mattresses. An additional fee applies for taking the mattress base away too.
  • For buildings without lifts, there will be an additional charge of NT$75 (VAT-inclusive) per floor for each mattress up to 6 floors. Extra charges are to be arranged to remove mattresses from the 7th floor or above.
  • Our removal professionals will not put the removed mattress back once it has been confirmed.
  • Our removal professionals will collect the payment on their arrival. An e-receipt will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone number by our service partner within 10 working days.
  • For technical reasons, we are unfortunately unable to provide services for hoisting large furniture items.
  • Additional charge applies for remote areas. For more details, please refer to the official website of our service partners.

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