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Assembly service

Assembly service

Need a hand to assemble the furniture?

Yes, we are happy to help! For the products that need to be assembled, the assembly instructions are enclosed in the packaging, some products even come with assembly tools for you to assemble them with ease at home. However, if you do need help with assembly, we offer professional assembly service at a reasonable price.

The assembly service fee is 6.5% of the item invoice price, and with a minimum charge of $400.

Terms & conditions
  • The assembly fees for sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs, kitchens, wash-basins, customized curtains and lighting are charged differently.
  • Wall anchoring fee is $30/drilled hole. Please inform our service co-workers if you need this service when arranging and paying for the assembly service. Please check in advance to see if your wall material, internal piping, etc. are suitable for such construction.
  • After the assembly is completed, our team will gather the packaging, however, we do not offer recycling service for used packaging.
  • For some outlying areas, if only assembly service is requested, we will charge travel expenses in addition to the assembly service fee. The travel expenses for Hualian and Taitung areas need to be consulted case by case.
Please contact IKEA stores for assembly service details.
Important notices for furniture assembly service