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Mattress trial

365-day mattress trial guarantee

When choosing a mattress, do you lack enough trial time? Or rushed to buy a mattress that is not suitable for your body weight when not clear enough about your sleep habits? We care about your sleep quality, so the IKEA mattress series gives you a 365-day mattress trial guarantee with good quality.

Is your new IKEA mattress too firm or too soft for you? Not to worry, you can exchange it with a different design within the 365-day trial period. Please bring the mattress and invoice to the IKEA store where you originally purchased it, and apply for an exchange or refund service at the customer service desk. Take your time, you have 365 days to break in your new mattress to see if it’s a perfect match for you!
  • Please note that we can only refund the original purchase price of the product, not including other service fees such as mattress delivery and recycling fees.
  • Please note that the “365-day mattress trial guarantee” is valid on all IKEA mattress series, but does not apply to BEITO mattresses, VADSÖ sprung mattresses, AGOTNES foam mattress, children's mattresses, mattress toppers, bed slats, mattress bases, bed feet and mattresses that have been replaced against product guarantees.
  • Up to two styles of mattresses can be exchanged during the 365-day trial period.
  • The mattress trial does not apply to display products and products from As-Is section.
  • Please note that if the mattress trial products are found to be man-made damaged or man-made stained, rather than structural problems in the manufacturing process, we will not accept the request for a return or refund.
  • When replacing the mattress, the customer must select and pay the full amount of mattress in another style, then the customer service counter will refund the original purchase price of the mattress to the customer in full. Also, IKEA must receive the returned products from the customer before replacing the mattress with another style or refunding the customer.

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