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VIDGA Series

A customizable curtain system

It is so flexible that the VIDGA curtain hanging system makes it easy to hang curtains over windows, on walls, around corners, and even as room dividers around a bed. Simply connect curtain rods together or cut to the desired length with a hacksaw. Read our VIDGA assembly instruction to make a personalized curtain solution step by step. 
The single track rail set can hold a single layer of curtains to invite light or thicker ones to darken your room and give you an intimate feel.
The corner set with a corner piece finishing each end of the rail, curtains can keep the light out on the sides.
You can create a room divider with L-track railsthat can navigate around corners. It can be used as a sliding door or bedside curtains, too.

How to create your dream curtain solution?
Simply start from measuring your windows for curtains

Measure the width of the window width of your window
(Figure a).This determines the width of your curtain rod or track rail. Add at least 15 cm on each side to allow the curtains to cover the window properly and open completely.

Measure The length of your curtains
(Figure b). This determines the length of your curtains or panel curtains. Measure from the top of the window frame and stop where you want your curtains or panel curtains to end. Add 15 cm to the measurement (Figure b) to provide more space for mounting the curtain rod or track rail.

Reminder: Depending on the material of the curtains, considering that the curtains may shrink after cleaning, it is recommended that you add more to the measurement.

Create your dream curtain solution step by step

1. Pick up your fixing devices for the curtain rod

The 6 cm-VIDGA wall fitting brings curtains closer to the wall to help block out light and allow a good night's sleep.
The 12-cm-VIDGA wall fitting can fix 2-3 layers of parallel rails, perfect for a layered curtain solution.
If you want to install curtains in front of the protruding window, you can use VIDGA ceiling fittings to mount the curtain track to the ceiling.

2. Select curtain track system

A VIDGA single track rail can hang two curtains; then, you can choose light-translucent curtains or thicker curtains to block out light.
A VIDGA single track rail can also assemble two ends of curtain rods, so it's very flexible to hang curtains everywhere, for all types of windows.

3. Choose your way for hanging curtains

The VIDGA glider/hook make it easy to hang, move and arrange your curtains. Suitable for curtains with gathering tape.

Wall fitting, white

$ 149


Wall fitting, white

$ 199


Glider and hook, white

$ 99 / 24pack


Single track rail,140cm

$ 399

0 (0)

Corner piece, single track, included ceiling fittings/white

$ 199

0 (0)

Single track set, white,140cm

$ 498

0 (0)

Two track wall set, white,140cm

$ 1,196


Single track set for wall, white,140cm

$ 896

0 (0)

Room divider for corner, white

$ 1,594

0 (0)

Single track end closing set, white

$ 1,294

0 (0)

Corner set, white

$ 1,195

0 (0)