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Cabinets that cheer up dull space

Whether you prefer a low-key, minimalistic expression or a playful and jazzy one, our LIXHULT cabinets come in a lively array of colors to choose from. They fit everywhere in the home, especially in those spaces where usually larger units won't fit, in between furniture, corners and under staircases. You can choose one cabinet, two cabinets—or any number to create your own combination. Have fun!

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LIXHULT - cabinet, metal/grey, 60x35 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE702934_S4

Cabinet, metal/grey, 60x35 cm

$ 990


LIXHULT - cabinet, metal/anthracite, 35x60 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE784005_S4

Cabinet, metal/anthracite, 35x60 cm

$ 990


LIXHULT - cabinet combination, grey, 120x35x92 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE690616_S4

Cabinet combination, grey, 120x35x92 cm

$ 3,960


LIXHULT - cabinet combination, grey, 120x35x57 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE690607_S4

Cabinet combination, grey, 120x35x57 cm

$ 1,980


LIXHULT - storage combination, anthracite, 140x35x82 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE784139_S4

Storage combination, anthracite, 140x35x82 cm

$ 3,960


LIXHULT - cabinet combination, grey/anthracite, 95x35x92 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE784144_S4

Cabinet combination, grey/anthracite, 95x35x92 cm

$ 2,970

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LIXHULT - storage combination, anthracite, 140x35x142 cm | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE784140_S4

Storage combination, anthracite, 140x35x142 cm

$ 7,920

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