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Welcome to the jungle!

Kids are always very obsessed with tigers, orangutans, and other wild animals. We can learn more about them through DJUNGELSKOG—a colorful series of textiles and soft toys made from sustainable cotton, lyocell, and polyester fiber extracted from recycled plastic. We show love and respect for nature and endangered animals so that we can bring your children a bit closer to nature and see the amazing charm of the wildlife. 

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DJUNGELSKOG - soft toy, brown bear | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE727370_S4

IKEA Family price

Soft toy, brown bear

$ 699

Normal price: $ 899


DJUNGELSKOG - soft toy, assorted designs | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE730095_S4

Soft toy, assorted designs

$ 59


DJUNGELSKOG - soft toy, orangutan | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE662350_S4

Soft toy, orangutan

$ 499


DJUNGELSKOG - soft toy, panda | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE727391_S4

Soft toy, panda

$ 499


DJUNGELSKOG - soft toy, tiger | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE727390_S4

Soft toy, tiger

$ 699


DJUNGELSKOG - soft toy, lion | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE727375_S4

Soft toy, lion

$ 699


DJUNGELSKOG - soft toy, lion cub | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE662342_S4

Soft toy, lion cub

$ 299

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


DJUNGELSKOG - glove puppet, snake/burmese python | IKEA Taiwan Online - PE727381_S4

Glove puppet, snake/burmese python

$ 399

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


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