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Suppliers – our partners in running a better business

Our suppliers and service providers are key in creating a better everyday life for the many people. Together we explore new ways to run and grow our businesses in a socially and environmentally responsible way, collaborating on challenges and being partners for positive change.

Shared values – the way towards a more ethical supply chain

We choose suppliers that share our values and ambition to become people and planet positive. We know that doing business responsibly is only possible when every participant is on the same page. This applies to everyone including suppliers of services, food, transport, home furnishing products and components.

IWAY – a supplier code of conduct

IWAY is the IKEA way of responsibly sourcing products, services, materials and components. It sets clear expectations and ways of working for environmental, social and working conditions, as well as animal welfare, and is mandatory for all suppliers and service providers that work with IKEA.

A tool for integrating human rights

Our code of conduct enables decent and meaningful work for every worker in the IKEA value chain and contributes to positive change in local communities. IWAY addresses issues such as child labour, forced labour, responsible recruitment, wages, working hours and competence development of workers.

Working and striving together

By creating long-term relationships with our suppliers we can achieve a positive societal and environmental impact. Dialogue and collaboration are always at the heart of our approach, and when challenges arise, we work through them together with our suppliers.

We encourage suppliers to go the extra mile

We expect our suppliers to comply with IWAY “Must” and “Basic” requirements, but we see this as a bare minimum. We encourage them to develop and go beyond the mandatory requirements, and to always work towards better outcomes and a more positive impact on our business, the environment and local communities.

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