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Becoming a circular business

At IKEA we’re working to become a circular business and are finding new ways to make circularity more convenient and relevant for you. One way is by developing new products and services to enable you to maintain, repair and pass on your belongings when you no longer need them.

A circular business by 2030

We are transforming every aspect of what we do, from the way we source energy and materials to how we design our products, how and when we meet our customers, and how we run our operations.

We’ve set ambitious goals:

  • To enable our customers to acquire, care for, and pass on products in circular ways
  • To design every product from the very beginning to be reused, refurbished, remanufactured and finally recycled
  • To only use renewable and recyclable materials
  • To advocate, collaborate and form business partnerships to promote a circular economy

Did you know

More than 60% of IKEA products are based on renewable materials and more than 10% contain recycled materials.

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