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IKEA FOOD - Recipes

Chicken Balls with Vegetable Medallion​

Yield: 6 servings    Preparation time:15 minutes

KYCKLINGKÖTTBULLARchicken meatballs.             1 pack
GRÖNSAKSKAKA potato and vegetable medallions 1 pack
ALLEMANSRÄTTEN cream sauce mix                     1 pack
SENAP GROV organic mustard sauce                     1 tbsp
Olive oil                                            as much as needed
Seasonal vegetables                          as much as needed

Cooking instructions
1.Preheat the oven to 200°C
2.Pour 2 tbsp of olive oil into a pan, and pan fry the chicken meatballs until golden brown
3.Follow the cooking instructions to heat the potato and vegetable medallions in the oven
4.Creamy mustard sauce: follow the instructions to evenly mix the cream sauce and mustard sauce
5.Serve the chicken meatballs with potato and vegetable medallions on a plate, and enjoy the dish with seasonal vegetables of your choice and creamy mustard sauce

SJÖRAPPORTsmoked salmon              200 g
Whole eggs                                       7 (fully cooked)
Mayonnaise                                       2 tbsp
Organic mustard sauce                      1 tbsp
White wine vinegar                            2 tbsp
Minced green onion                           1 tbsp
Black pepper                                      a bit
Dill                                                    for decoration
Sorrel or other herbs                          for decoration

Cooking instructions
1.Peel the boiled eggs and cut them into halves. Separate the yolks from the eggs and place them in a bowl
2.Mix the mayonnaise, mustard sauce, and white wine vinegar in a mixing bowl
3.Add the mixture sauce to the bowl of yolks, and crush the yolks with a fork to mix well
4.Cut the salmon into thin slices
5.Add the sauce mixture to the egg whites. Place salmon slices on top of the egg halves, and decorate the deviled eggs with some dill, sorrel, or other seasoning herbs

Deviled Eggs with Cold Smoked Salmon​

Yield: 14 egg halves       Preparation time: 20 minutes

Waffle with Peeled Shrimps

Yield: 4 servings              Preparation time: 25 minutes
An easily-prepared holiday appetizer with alternative ingredients of your choice. Why not try using cold smoked salmon instead of prawns, and other seasonal vegetables instead of asparagus?

VÅFFLOR waffles                             240 g
SJÖRAPPORT peeled prawns            250 g
Crème fraîche                                 200 ml
Red onion                                       1/2 (minced)
Asparagus                                      1 handful (250 g)

Cooking instructions
1.Thaw the waffles, pan fry them with butter until golden brown, and sprinkle a bit of salt on top; or simply follow the cooking instructions
2.Mix the crème fraîche and minced onion in a mixing bowl
3.Chop the asparagus into 2cm pieces and stir fry them with butter for 3 minutes until it becomes a bit soft
4.Spread the crème fraîche on each waffle, and then add 3-4 prawns and some asparagus on top of it

Carrot                                     1
Mushrooms                             5
Broccoli                                   5
Unsalted butter                as much as needed
Minced garlic                         a bit
Plain flour                        as much as needed
Rice                                      1 bowl
Swedish meatballs                   6
Shredded cheese              as much as needed

Cooking instructions
1.Have all the ingredients ready. Cut the carrot and mushrooms into slices, and cut the broccoli into smaller pieces
2.Add some salt and olive oil into water and bring it to boil. Add the broccoli pieces and sliced carrots to the pot to blanch. Remove them from the pot and place them aside
3.Place the unsalted butter in a pan to heat, and then pan fry the minced garlic with butter before adding in the sliced mushrooms
4. Add some plain flour to the pan and keep cooking until the mixture becomes slightly batter-like
5.Add in the milk, salt, black pepper, and parsley and cook on low heat until the mixture smoothens and becomes white creamy sauce
6.Add the rice, meatballs, and seasonings to the creamy mushroom sauce and stir until the rice absorbs most of the creamy sauce
7.Mix in the shredded cheese, blanched broccoli and carrot to serve

Risotto with Meatballs and Mushroom Cream Sauce

Yield: 1 servings

Confit Salmon Fillet

Yield: 4 servings             Preparation time: 45 minutes  
Salmon confit Preparing a salmon fillet by confit cooking creates a meltingly tender and moist texture. Seasonal vegetables of your choice may be used for the salads.

SJÖRAPPORT salmon fillet, 500g (3 cm cubes)
Salt                                                 2 tbsp + a bit of seasoning
Sugar                                              1 tbsp
Bay leaves                                       4
Stemless thyme                               4
Fennel seeds                                   1 tbsp
Garlic cloves                                    4
Black olives                                     100 ml
Coriander seeds                               1 tbsp
Minced lemon peel                            1/2
Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil       500 ml
Fennel bulbs                                     2
Brussel sprouts/ cabbage                  200 g
Cherry belle radishes                         1 handful (washed)
Dills                                                  4 (chopped)
Capers                                              4 tbsp
Lemon                                              1/2 (squeezed)
Steamed egg yolk sauce

Cooking instructions
1.Gently grind the salt, sugar, thyme, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, garlic cloves, and minced lemon peels with a pestle and mortar
2.Add the ground mixture into a bowl, and then place capers, cherry belle radishes, bay leaves, and black olives in the bowl to mix well with the mixture. Carefully turn the plate while pouring the mixture over the salmon so that all ingredients are evenly mixed. Let the plate sit at room temperature for 20 minutes
3.Preheat the oven to 120°C. Add olive oil to a pan and heat it to 40°C (a thermometer is recommended). Turn the plate while pouring the heated olive oil over the salmon to make sure the salmon is fully covered in oil
4.Bake the salmon in the oven for 10 minutes until the salmon is extremely tender. Remove the salmon from the oven and soak it in olive oil
5.Slice the fennel bulbs and brussel sprouts/cabbage.
6.Sprinkle some of the mixture from step 1 and step 2 over the salads. Place the salads in a bowl. Remove the salmon from the oil and thoroughly drain the oil on it. The salmon confit may be served with some garlic yolk sauce as an appetizer or an entrée

BRÖDMIX FLERKORN whole-grain breadsticks          1
Capers                                                                   1 tsp
SJÖRAPPORT cured salmon                                     3 slices
Sliced red onion                                                      1 tsp
Cream cheese                                                         1 tsp
Chopped dill                                                           1 tsp
Red apple (chunks)                                                 half

Cooking instructions
1.Spread the cream cheese on the bread, and then place the salmon slices on top of it
2.Mix the remaining ingredients and evenly sprinkle it over the sandwich
3.You may cut the sandwich into 5 bite-size pieces to make it easier to eat

Marinade Salmon Sandwich​

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Shrimps with Chili and Garlic​

Yield: 4 servings, Preparation time: 10 minutes (need additional time for peeling the prawns)
A savory dish that is good for outdoor gathering events. It can be grilled over a wood fire but not too long in case the texture becomes too tough.

SJÖRAPPORT unpeeled prawns             500g
Salt and black pepper                          as much as needed
Red chili pepper                                   2
Chopped cilantro                                 50ml
Garlic cloves                                        2-3
Lemon                                                 1/2  squeeced
Oil                                                       100-200 ml
Toasted wheat bread                            as much as needed

Cooking instructions
1. Thaw and peel the prawns. Mince the red chili peppers and garlic cloves
2.Heat 100-200 ml of oil in a pan, pan fry the prawns, chili peppers and garlic on high heat for 1 minute until golden brown, and then season with salt and pepper
3.Remove the pan, mix in the cilantro, add some squeezed lemon juice, and serve the plate with some wheat bread

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