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A blooming beautiful outdoor

Refresh the home and optimize the indoor and outdoor space with small changes to transform your balcony into a 24/7 place that lets you spend as much time as possible from having breakfast to relaxing & socializing to doing laundry through out your fantastic day.

Embrace nature and sunshine.

After comfort and cooling sleeping, you wake up by the sunlight and have breakfast in your tiny garden on the balcony to bask in the sun and fresh air for starting a day. Foldable furniture for the need of city balcony use. Love gardening –flexibleand durable shelving units and cabinets are needed, especially the one suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor dining table and chair/Storage shelf

Outdoor floor/ Rug and decoration

Your favorite way to unwind

It’s finally summer. Time to soak up the sun and take it easy. Choose your favorite way to relax – enjoying time with your children on comfortable modular lounge furniture, or with a pair of outdoor armchairs and a friendly chat.

Outdoor furniture/ Chaise lounges

Decorate your balcony

Find your joy in a common chore

IKEA outdoor furniture will change your mind towards regular housework. It can be organized, easy, and elegant. Enjoy your time to do the laundry and organize the cleaning stuffs with smart home furnishing solution. There’s also a place for you to clear out thoughts without distractions. Flexible furniture to make the most of a small outdoor space by mounting the table to the balcony railing and foldable chair to fit-in small city balcony use in reality.

Laundry solution

Create your own space