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IKEA 20㎡ Hope

Home is our safe heaven
Home can have a million imaginations.
Can you imagine living a dark home?

11/11 ~ 11/28
IKEA Xin Dian Store and DOMI create a 20
㎡ pitch dark house experience in XinDian store, which will show you how the energy-poor families live in the dark.

How is their home different from yours?
And why do they live in such darkness?

At our pop up exhibition, you will learn about the life and story of this family through your five senses.
Furthermore, you can use a simple action to support these families and light up their hope.

2 minutes of experiencing the dark, 1 minute to support energy poverty movement, chance to light up 2,000+ households

Come learn about our project!
In 2021, DOMI launched the ''Power to Change" movement, linking energy poverty and environmental issues, creating a brand new model: by changing to e-bills, banks could save their costs to support energy poverty households changing to LED lightbulbs.

Now, IKEA XinDian has joined the movement, creating "20
 Hope" by "Blue Bag Funding Project". Get to know carbon reduction and energy poverty issues through the darkness. We invite you to sign the petition and support "Power to Change."

Every 5 petitions, IKEA XinDian Store will donate 1 LED light bulb to energy poverty household. We want to collect 10,000 petitions and light up their hope with you!
Experience the dark and sign up the petition on site during the event(11/11-11/28), and get a FREE ice cream!

Who is DOMI

DOMI is a social enterprise dedicated to better the environment, in hope to give children a healthier environment growing up.
Low energy and carbon reduction are 2 core movements run by DOMI: saving energy by changing to LED lightsoure; reducing carbon emission by tree planting, and providing us more oxygen at the same time.

Starting from 2015, DOMI started to put concern in erergy poverty issue, hoping to raise awareness and support in society
IKEA's Sustainable Development

IKEA cares about environmental and sustainability issues, committed to reach Climate Positive and fully transform into a circular economy enterprise by 2030. This year, "Blue Bag Funding Project" was launched, starting from a small place, to provide the earth with more sustainable resources.
IKEA blue bag FRAKTA series is an IKEA product that many customers know and own. For this purpose, IKEA established the Blue Bag Fund, customers only need to purchase M or L size FRAKTA series products, then IKEA donates NTD5 to the fund, creating community building and green movement in the local community of each branch. By combining individual resources, IKEA promotes environmental protection values, to enjoy the quality of life without burdening the earth, bring care and positive influence to the society and communities, and achieve a better future.

Who else is supporting our porject?

Aggie Hsieh / Taiwanese Actress

I have known Tammy, founder of DOMI since I was a kid. Until now, I still hear from my parents about her contributions to society. This time I know about DOMI promoting the energy poverty household issue, and just a small action of converting to e-stastment, I have the opportunity to help these families. With brightening up the lights in their homes, their kids are able to learn at night and they will have agreater future.
I hope everyone can come to IKEA XinDian store to experience and sign the petition. Let's help the people in need around us to have a better lifestyle.

To brighten up 2000+ homes,
we need to collect 10,000 petitions.
You can also support us via online!

IKEA will donate 1 LED light bulb to every 5 petitions, it brings to brighten up 2000+ homes

This video tells Mrs. Chen’s story.

We helped to brighten up her home, she has never felt this blessed before. Pitch Dark House Experience is designed based on her home. 

There are 1,150,000 households in Taiwan having the same situation as Mrs. Chen. They are living under the condition you had experienced just now, we call them Energy Poverty Households. 

Because of poor financial conditions, they use old electrical appliances, which leads to high electricity bills that they cannot afford. On the other hand, they do not have an extra budget to fix broken appliances, they live under dark conditions, even the kids have to go to a convenience store to work on their homework. They are facing difficulties in personal security, mental health, child’s education and more.

Now you can support the Power to Change campaign through this activity. IKEA will donate 1 LED light bulb to every 5 petitions, and DOMI will visit these households for home lighting maintenance. Together, they help to brighten up these households.

Ou goal is to collect 10,000 petitions. Now you can support the petition online by filling the form below!

Three Highlights of Live Experience

Bring the pitch dark house to IKEA XinDian Store
Interactive experience to understand energy poverty issues
Support on-site to light up the project and get free chocolate ice cream

Stories behind the scene

IKEA XinDian Store:
IKEA's vision is to help to have a better, beautiful life. We are happy to work with DOMI this time, to spread our love and passion out to our Mother Earth and local communities. With the 20㎡ Pitch Dark House Experience, we hope we can call out more people and take action together! Let's be the power to change!

DOMI Founder Tammy:

What kind of dream house can be made with 20㎡? Many energy poverty households in Taiwan are living in space like this. With helping them to get back on their feet, we hope to bring warmth and appreciation.

SMIG Creative Team:

By converting into e-statement, and encouraging your banks to join the Power to Change campaign, we believe that every small action can lead to a big impact. Aside from reducing carbon emissions produced from paper statements, the ripple that you caused can make an impact in other people’s lives.