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Loft beds/Bunk beds

Limited space with infinite creativity

Our loft and bunk bed frames are the perfect choice to maximize floor space. There are many ways to utilize the space under your loft or bunk beds—add an underbed for sleepover guests, add a few cushions to create a cozy sofa and transform the space into a compact living room, or add a desk for a comfy workspace. Make the most use of the space, the choice is all yours. 

Loft bed frame, dark grey

$ 4,999


Bunk bed frame, white/light grey

$ 7,490


You can use the space under the bed for storing clothes and daily items.

Reversible bed, white/pine

$ 8,990


Bunk bed frame, pine

$ 8,990


Bunk bed frame, dark grey

$ 4,999

Only available in-store


Bunk bed frame, pine

$ 12,990

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Loft bed frame, white/light grey

$ 6,990

Only available in-store