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Cot mattresses

For babies to sleep well and parents to be worry-free

IKEA knows that as parents, you want your babies to sleep comfortably and more than anything else—safely. That’s why we ensure our cots and mattresses meet the strictest safety standards that exist in the world. Our mattresses are made of safe and sustainable materials, which come with machine-washable mattress covers. Every cot has rounded edges to keep your babies safe. 

Build a safe sleep environment for your babies 》
  • PU foam mattress provides proper support and has a smooth and comfy surface. 
  • Outer cover is removable and machine-washable. Complement with a waterproof mattress protector. 
  • 6 cm thick to provide proper support. The mattress can be taken out of the outer cover and be used as a bed mattress when your baby is old enough to move from cot to bed.
  • DRÖMMANDE has a pocket spring core lined with a combination of coconut fiber and natural latex. It results in a resilient mattress with good ventilation – as well as safe, gentle comfort for your baby.
  • A cot mattress where you can see and feel the care in every detail, from the well-ventilated construction to the durable fabric and detailed stitching.

Foam mattress for crib

$ 899


Foam mattress for cot

$ 1,599


Foam mattress for cot

$ 1,899


Foam mattress for cot

$ 2,999


Pocket sprung mattress for cot, white

$ 3,599


Durable coconut fiber for a good night’s sleep

  • The outer cover of DRÖMMANDE cot mattress is made from a combination of coconut fiber and natural latex. The coconut tree is a tough plant grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while natural latex can reduce dust mites.
  • The pocket spring results in a resilient mattress with good ventilation, providing a well-sleeping climate at an even temperature and giving you a comfy touch.
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Pocket sprung mattress for cot

$ 3,999