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Home 2| 'Tis the season to be more mindful

It really is the most wonderful time of the year: a chance to celebrate with loved ones, reset and recharge, and even do your bit for the planet as you spruce up the house for the holidays. Let the festivities begin!

Let nature do the decorating

Foraged pinecones, sprigs of grass or even oven-dried orange slices: just a few beautiful ideas that you can bring from the outdoors to your dining table. No plastic in sight.

Paper, plain and simple

Millions of rolls of gift wrap are bought, used and thrown away every year. Unfortunately, those coated with foil or glitter cannot be recycled, and tend to end up in landfills. Did you know that GIVANDE gift wrap roll and GIVANDE ribbon are both made from plain paper, free of chlorine bleach? Better yet, the warm, natural colour goes with almost everything.

Or no paper at all!

Another great option? Using natural textiles, like linen, to wrap your gifts. Maybe you’ve heard of “furoshiki”? It’s a Japanese fabric-wrapping technique with a history spanning thousands of years. Unlike wrapping paper, which easily tears and creases, fabric wrappers can be kept and used again and again.

Table setting time

Exchanging gifts is marvellous, but can anything come close to a delicious meal, shared with your nearest and dearest? Placemats in natural fibres like bamboo or seagrass add a beautiful, tactile feel to this dining table, while fabric napkins are a reusable alternative to paper disposables.

Dim the lights, light the candles

Would it be a special occasion without the gentle, flickering glow of candlelight? Unlike many candles that are made with paraffin, JUBLA candles are made from 100% stearin: a renewable alternative to fossil or finite materials.

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