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Reinvent your style with a wall rug

A rug on the wall can truly transform a room – the look, the feel and even the sound. Choosing a new one gives you plenty of design options, but giving a rug you already have a new lease on life is also a resourceful way to go.

The traditional touch

If it’s nothing you’ve tried before, hanging a rug on your wall might feel like a radical move, but you’ll find it works well setting a traditional style in warm earthy tones.

Complementing classics

Choosing a timeless look opens a whole world of traditional styling options, from furniture, colours and patterns to knobs, handles and accessories. Why not an old-school alarm clock by the bed?

The power of colour

A rug in strong, vibrant colours can be a fantastic eye-catcher on the wall– almost like an abstract piece of art that sets the tone for your choice of furniture and decorations.

Match the mood

Pick up the shifting nuances of your rug and let them echo throughout the room. Capturing some of them in contrasting black frames amplifies the artistic look even more.

Let texture do the talking

A wall rug that is discreet in colour but bold in texture makes a subtle but interesting backdrop. It can be just the right move for a natural, light and airy style that lets you settle in softly.

Keeping it light

If you dress your bedroom with textiles in matching beige and white, it makes sense to let your decorations continue the same colour scheme. Perhaps some white roses in that white vase?

Table lamp, anthracite

$ 629


Mug, grey

$ 129


Alarm clock, black

$ 199


Frame, black

$ 249


Side plate, grey, 20cm

$ 399 / 4pack

0 (0)

Bowl, glossy dark turquoise, 12cm

$ 199 / 4pack


Bedside table, white

$ 2,199


Table lamp

$ 1,099

0 (0)

Bed frame, black/lönset

$ 6,590


Cushion cover, beige

$ 349


Alarm clock, silver-colour

$ 399

0 (0)

Bed frame, birch/lönset

$ 14,700

0 (0)

Bedspread, white

$ 1,299

0 (0)

Table lamp

$ 1,599

0 (0)

Frame, white

$ 149

Only available in-store


Upholstered bed frame, knisa light grey

$ 5,990

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Rug, high pile, blue,170x240

$ 5,990

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Rug, flatwoven, natural/off-white,133x195

$ 2,999

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores

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