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Make the bathroom your own private spa

Your family bathroom can meet more of your needs than you might think. With a spa box ready to go you can easily get some refreshing relaxation – even on a whim. Just close the door, pour the bath and let the warm water envelop you.

The details make the moment

Get the spa feel going with scented candles, some tea, a good read, and a soft, comfy bathrobe fresh from the laundry ready by your side. But wait, where are those slippers?

Just twist and tuck

Tying a hair towel wrap into a quick knot keeps your hair from frizzing or flying in your face as you’re trying to relax in the bath. It’s also a drip-free and surprisingly smart way of drying your hair once you get out.

A special spot for your special box

Bath salt, scrubs, lotions, scented candles and more – a handy box takes care of all the things you need for your spa moments. And with organisers inside your drawer for the family’s stuff your box slots right into its own special place.

Organisation is harmony

Roomy storage that keeps everything tidy in your bathroom can be a great source of peace of mind. It’s not just that you get a clean and calm look, but also the satisfaction of knowing that everything is well-organised inside.

Big mirrors for more room

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, being generous with mirrors adds a spaciousness that really makes a difference. Green plants are another proven tip for turning up the spa atmosphere.

Let there be soft light

A few different light sources in your bathroom give you more flexibility for setting the right mood for each activity. Ceiling light and wall lamps go a long way, especially if they're on dimmers.

Storage box with lid, turquoise

$ 399


Soap dispenser, bamboo

$ 279


Box with compartments, smoked

$ 349


Slippers, grey

$ 129


Storage stool, birch

$ 1,199


Wall lamp, stainless steel colour

$ 1,199

0 (0)

Open cabinet, gillburen dark grey

$ 1,500

0 (0)

Hair towel wrap, dark grey/white

$ 149 / 2pack

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Wash-stand with 2 drawers, gillburen dark grey/brogrund tap

$ 17,790

Only available in-store

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