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Compact bedroom living to the fullest

When you have one small room to do it all, efficient storage and furniture with double functions are your best friends. And remember, no matter how pressed you are for space, compact can still be stylish.

Storage tailored to you

A good tip for a one-room apartment is to choose a storage system that is easy to adapt to small tricky spaces. Build high and low, even above the bed, to get the stow-away space you need.

Say it with cushions

When you’ve turned your bed into a daybed – call it a sofa if you want – throw a few cushions on top to complete the transformation. Your own combination of colours, patterns, dots and stripes can be quite a stylish statement.

Side tables set you up for more

In a small space, it’s convenient to have a few small tables for easy multiuse. Coffee table, board game table or breakfast-in-bed table? You can even put them together for a picnic-on-the-rug-with-friends combination.

The bed-sofa-bed-sofa-bed

An extendable daybed that easily converts into a bed for one – or even two– is the ultimate solution for small-space living. When morning comes, hide the bedding in the drawers underneath. Voilà, it’s now your sofa – again.

Eat, work and play

An all-purpose table to centre daily life around can still be elegant to match the mood of the room. Foldable drop-leaves and a handy drawer make it extra well-suited for small-space living.

Compact is no reason to compromise

Some things should simply be allowed the space they need – like an armchair that lets you enjoy comfortable moments on your own or offer a guest the best seat. And if you’re going to have an armchair, it might as well be a stylish one.

Side table on castors, white

$ 1,299


Stool, white

$ 1,299


Throw, pale pink

$ 999


Cushion cover, dark grey

$ 449


Cushion, light pink

$ 349

0 (0)

Sheer curtains, 1 pair, beige

$ 799


Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases, beige/dark grey

$ 1,399

0 (0)

Drop-leaf table, white

$ 5,290


Armchair, hakebo beige

$ 6,590

0 (0)

Pendant lamp, pink

$ 1,189

Only available in-store

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Tray table, white

$ 459

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Wardrobe w 10 doors, fonnes white

$ 12,150

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores

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