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Co-sleeping makes bedtime family time

Creating a safe, comfortable sleeping space for the whole family is a smart way to free up the rest of your home for other activities. Just be sure to allow flexibility for everyone’s schedule, habits and needs.

Sharing like siblings do

In a different room it could have been a bunk bed, but making the most of your space is also about fitting in personal tastes. At least one thing is certain, foot-to-foot beds won’t have sisters and brothers arguing about who sleeps where.

Creating rooms in the room

Everyone sleeping comfortably in one room will probably take a wellthought-out plan. Putting the big bed in the centre with a block-out curtain at the head of the bed creates a space behind it that can be furnished almost like a separate room.

Crisp new covers

Crawling into a bed made with new bed linen is a feeling that’s hard to beat. Colours and patterns also make it a little more fun. Match the beds, or contrast completely. Why not let the two bed buddies decide?

Add a little curtain creativity

Curtains can be used for more than dividing and screening. They can add a unique decorative touch, create a cosy cocoon feeling at bedtime, and even help soften the acoustics of the room.

Ready and able bedside table

With a whole family running around the beds, it can be hard to make room for bedside tables – unless they’re easy to stow away under the bed. Just pull them out to get to the things you want around at bedtime.

And still room for clothes storage

Placing the big double bed in the middle of the room leaves available wall space that can be used for clothes storage. Chests of drawers don’t take up too much space and in the right colour they almost blend into the wall.

Pillowcase, light pink

$ 249 / 2pack


Curtain wire, stainless steel

$ 299


Pendant lamp, bamboo

$ 2,349


Quilt cover and pillowcase, heart pattern white/pink

$ 499


Chest of 4 drawers, black-blue

$ 7,590


Underbed storage/bedside table, white

$ 1,100

0 (0)

Curtains, 1 pair, pale pink/pink

$ 999

0 (0)

Duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, beige/white

$ 1,399


Fabric, block-out/grey

$ 399

Only available in-store

0 (0)

Bed frame, white/luröy

$ 5,999

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores

0 (0)

Cushion cover, dark beige

$ 299

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores

0 (0)

Ext bed frame with slatted bed base, light pink

$ 3,695

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores