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Caring for your clothes and your planet

The most sustainable clothes are the ones you already have. So, look after them by making sure your clothes-care cycle is as gentle and well-organised as possible. How green can your laundry get?

A cabinet for an overview and easy access

A practical and convenient laundry makes it easier to put a little more effort into your clothes. A glass-door cabinet gives you a good overview of everything you need and helps keep things well-organised.

Making hand washing handier

Some clothes fare better being handwashed. Of course, it’s a bit more work, but with a practical organiser right by the hand-wash basin for detergents, stain remover, gloves and more it’s easier getting around to it.

What’s dirty and what’s not?

Less laundry is the best kind of laundry – and most sustainable. Good organisation of clothes “in use” on rails and hangers helps keep things out of the laundry basket so you won’t have to run the washing machine as often.

The right laundry extras

Live with a cat or dog? A lint roller quickly removes animal hairs, dust and fluff. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to refresh your garment and get it ready for use again.

A brighter future stitch by stitch

Mending your clothes instead of throwing them out at the slightest rip is a good way to put the planet first. A sewing kit, extra buttons, pins and other small stuff are easy to keep nice and tidy in boxes, baskets and organisers.

Semi-dry saves energy and time

If you plan to get your ironing board out, remember to just semi-dry your clothes. Shorter dryer cycles save energy and time – and the ironing results come out better.

Hanger, white

$ 149 / 8pack


Box, set of 6, white

$ 249


Folding hook, aluminium/beige

$ 249 / 3pack


Desk organiser, natural plywood

$ 999


Laundry bag, beige

$ 499

0 (0)

Glass-door cabinet, white

$ 4,490

0 (0)

Box with lid, set of 2, seagrass

$ 349

0 (0)

Memo board with pins, beige

$ 599


Ironingboard, table

$ 229

Only available in-store


Lint roller, grey

$ 19

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Kitchen organiser set, no drill/shlf/dsh drnr/kit roll hldr/cont

$ 565

Only available in-store

0 (0)

Jar with lid, clear glass

$ 189

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