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Bring a bit of nature inside your bedroom

Few things make a bedroom come alive like the freshness of green. Bedroom plants – real and artificial – with matching bed linen and details like floral glassware and other decorations are a wonderful way to spruce things up.

Setting the scene in green

The colour and pattern of your bed linen set the tone of the whole room. Small stripes in soft green tie in the surrounding plants to create a harmonious and soothing back-to-nature atmosphere.

Decorate in layers

Hooks above your shelves give you more options for decorating. By layering hanging and standing items and plants you can create a vibrant look with a little more depth. Why not frame a dried flower to go with your plants?

Give in to your true nature

Even if you don’t have the greenest of fingers you can still surround yourself with evergreen freshness. Artificial plants might not be the real deal, but the joy they spread around your home certainly is.

A well for feeling well

A drinking station helps you remember to get enough water during the day and can be a decorative oasis – especially if you follow the same green theme as the rest of the room.

The great indoors

Placing your home workspace beside a window is a nice way to soak up some of the green energy and light from outside during your workdays. Plants on your window sill even bring a bit of the great outdoors inside.

Snuggle up under the canopy

What child wouldn’t want a fun, bright-green canopy that turns their bed into a proper feel-good space? Cushions, a favourite soft toy and a night light help turn up the cosiness even more.

Frame, white

$ 299


Plant pot, in/outdoor white

$ 99


Glass, clear glass

$ 199 / 6pack


Chair, birch

$ 2,499


Desk, ash veneer

$ 4,799


Quilt cover and 2 pillowcases, green/stripe

$ 1,399


Quilt cover and pillowcase, forest animal pattern/multicolour

$ 699


Rack with 6 knobs, oak

$ 399

0 (0)

Artificial potted plant, in/outdoor/hanging ivy

$ 349


Led night light, white/rabbit battery-operated

$ 189


Bed canopy, green

$ 399


Decoration set of 3, green

$ 599


Wall shelf, black/pine antique effect

$ 590

0 (0)

Throw, dark green

$ 599

0 (0)

Plant pot, in/outdoor white

$ 299

0 (0)

Clamp spotlight, black

$ 369


Jar with tap

$ 599

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Hanging planter, in/outdoor white

$ 299

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores