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A place for all your dining room activities

Turning your dining area into a play area with room for lots of different activities is a great way to encourage quality family time. If it’s done right it may even entice the kids out of their rooms, and not just to eat. Games, hobbies, homework or just hanging out can all be easier and more fun. All it takes is a few simple home furnishings.

Keep things tidy and accessible with open storage

Shelving units like these let you keep board games, toys and accessories organised, out of the way and accessible. Adding boxes will max out the storage capacity and keep things looking tidy. Not only are boxes great for storing those small, fiddly things that easily get dusty or lost, they come in lots of different looks so you can use them to enhance your chosen style.

Get a “fear of missing out” fighter

Sitting alone in your room doing homework can be dull. Seriously, what is everyone else doing out in the dining room? A desk accessories organiser will let you take your tools with you anywhere so you can hang out and do your homework at the same time. And when it comes time to call it a day, you can simply pack up all your bits and pieces in it and put it away.

Seat more people more comfortably

An extendable table lets you adapt to the number of people you need to seat, and makes sure they all have plenty of elbow room no matter if they’re sewing, studying or stuffing their face. And when it comes to seating, a comfortable chair can be the difference between an enjoyable meal and an ordeal.

Instantly turn your dining table into a hobby station

Trolleys are your mobile storage companion, letting you set yourself up wherever there’s space. Having your things close by means you won’t have to break your creative flow by getting up to look for stuff. And when it comes to staying in your creative zone, a comfortable chair will help you keep your mind on the job. When choosing a chair remember that a height adjustable, swivel chair will keep you feeling fresher longer.

Combine easy chairs and smaller sofas to create a social space

The idea of one big sofa can be appealing, but it’s not right for every space, especially if you don’t have the space. A couple of two-seater sofas together with some easy chairs can create a cosy, enclosed area that feels more social because people can face each other.

Put junior’s gym where it’s all happening

A truly social space is an inclusive space – somewhere everyone can hang out, even the smallest family members. A portable baby gym on the rug lets baby be part of the action. Not only will they feel part of things, mum and dad will also be able to join the party instead of supervising baby somewhere else. Just add a baby blanket – and the baby – and let the fun begin.

Shelving unit, white

$ 2,395


Chair, turquoise/kabusa turquoise

$ 999


Led desk lamp, black

$ 539


Trolley, red-orange

$ 859


Swivel chair, white/vissle yellow-green

$ 1,999


Desk accessories organiser

$ 299


Baby gym, birch/multicolour

$ 799


Rug, low pile, yellow, 133x195

$ 2,299


Extendable table, brown

$ 11,900


Pendant lamp, dark green

$ 669


Nest of tables, set of 2, birch veneer

$ 3,999

Only available in-store


Cushion, multicolour

$ 299

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Junior chair, white

$ 1,399

Only available in-store


Easy chair, orrsta olive-green

$ 1,690

$ 1,499

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores