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A pantry with room for resourcefulness

Maximising your space can help you live a more sustainable life at home. Set up a wall-to-wall solution for waste sorting and recycling, and for storing supplies like root vegetables, dry goods, jam jars, kitchen utilities and more.

What goes where?

Daily recycling can be made so easy and fun that the kids want to do it. Waste-sorting bins in easy-clean plastic, with lids that shut any odour inside, give you a convenient solution.

Extra space for extra everything

Making use of every inch of wall is also a kind of resourcefulness. Shelving, cabinets and a small workstation give you the storage capacity and workspace flexibility you need, both for everyday activities and special projects.

Homemade pickles and jams

Why strain mother nature with disposable packaging? Glass containers like these old-school jars can be used again and again for your own pickles and jams – or repackaging store-bought ones to make a crafty impression.

Find the sweet spot for spuds

Under the right conditions, root vegetables can be stored for a long time. In fact, they can last all through winter. A cabinet with a mesh door is a good place to keep them dark and well-ventilated – but still accessible when it’s time to cook.

Hooks can work wonders

Hangers and hooks are ideal for multi-purpose storage. If you can’t find a good place to put something, your hook rack usually takes care of the problem. Mount it well on the wall, and there’s almost no limit to how much it can hold.

A good space for saving

Buying economy-size supplies is a good way to save money, but you need to have room to store it all. A row of cabinets at the top of your pantry wall gives you the perfect space – safe and always at hand with a step stool.

Bottle with stopper, clear glass, 1l

$ 89


Side unit

$ 650


Waste sorting bin with lid, white

$ 599


Rack with 3 hooks, black

$ 499


Work bench, black/pine plywood

$ 5,490


Cabinet with door, grey mesh

$ 3,490


Ceiling track, 3-spots, dark grey

$ 1,099


Cabinet with doors, green mesh

$ 2,990


Jar with lid, clear glass

$ 39

Only available in-store


Jar with lid, clear glass

$ 129

$ 99

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Box, pine

$ 469

Temporarily out of stock online, click to check the status at stores


Pegboard, wood

$ 499

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