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A balcony design for smart double use

Unlock unused areas at home to maximise your space. With generous storage, convenient work-surfaces and some thinking outside the box, your closed balcony can become an ideal home workspace or a well-organised laundry – or even both.

A wall optimised for working

In a small space, the trick is to use as much of your wall space as possible. Cabinets up top give you plenty of storage that's easy to access from your desk underneath – still there’s room in between for a storage system with shelves and pegboards.

And a wall to get the wash done

A storage system that’s easy to adapt lets you maximise the other end of your balcony for a convenient laundry solution. Here’s room for both closed and open storage – and the washing machine, of course.

Rack up, rack down

Foldable drying racks are an ideal choice for a small space – easy to stow away to free up the floor when everything is done. Remember to open a balcony window for more air circulation that helps your laundry dry faster.

The extras to care for your clothes

A small space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on functionality. If you want room for ironing, here’s room for ironing, especially with an ironing board that takes almost no space at all on its hook on the wall.

More storage solves so much

Maximise and organise your shelf space with sturdy, stackable boxes with lids. Storage like this is a relief for your whole apartment, as it gives you plenty of extra space to keep your things in safe, dust-free storage.

Drying rack, in/outdoor, white

$ 229


Flexi laundry basket, in-/outdoor, blue

$ 249


Wall upright, white

$ 200

0 (0)

Shelf, metal white

$ 300

0 (0)

Storage box with lid, turquoise

$ 399


Shelf, white

$ 350

0 (0)

Table top, white, 120 x 60cm

$ 599


Storage box with lid, turquoise

$ 799


Ironing board, white

$ 699


Drying rack, white

$ 300

0 (0)

Roller blind, grey, 100x195 cm

$ 899

0 (0)

Hi cb w 4 shlvs/door, white/oak effect

$ 3,200

0 (0)

Wall cb w 2 shlvs/door, white/oak effect

$ 2,130

0 (0)

Leg, white

$ 125

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Swivel chair, beige/white

$ 929

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