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Creating a better everyday life for refugees

Led by values, we believe IKEA is able to provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds as well as play an important role in it, and that includes refugees.

We actively support refugees by participating in local social activities such as material donations, education programs, and volunteering by our co-workers.

Now, eight IKEA group markets (Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK) have started programs that help refugees gain work experience, develop new skills, and integrate into their new communities. Other markets are also carrying out all sorts of activities in local areas to support immigrants, refugees, and other vulnerable groups.

IKEA is doing what it does because our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people in the world.


“Joining IKEA is like becoming a part of a big family. I wake up with a smile on my face everyday because I know my job is fun and I help people find the products they want. IKEA not only allows me to face my past with peace but also helps me create my own future.”

Alagie Darboe, Self-service co-worker at IKEA Padua.


“We hope this project continues to help people grow and improve as well as creates a better future.”

Miriam Egio, People & Culture manager at IKEA Madrid.


“I started the internship program in September, 2016. To me, this was a good opportunity to join an international company. Now I have become a regular employee and have achieved financial independence. ”

Mohamed Abdullahi, Logistics co-worker at IKEA Aubonne.

Growing together with the communities of refugees

Patience, a 21-year-old aspiring journalist, participated in the vocational training program of the International Rescue Committee with the support of the IKEA Foundation.
When people are forced out from their homes and communities, they need to leave behind most things, but no matter what they leave behind, they always bring three things with them wherever they go: skills, talents, aspirations.

The IKEA Foundation* is supporting theInternational Rescue Committee (IRC)with €5 million to improve the lives of both refugees and young Kenyans living in Nairobi’s informal settlements.

Working in collaboration with IKEA, the IRC is providing them with a flexible training and employment programme that is tailored to each individual’s needs to help them stand on their own and fulfill financial independence. By offering business-skills training, start-up grants, apprenticeships, and connections to local employers, the IRC is helping thousands of vulnerable people improve their chances for a better future.

Once refugees have their own skills, talents, and aspirations, they can grow with their communities together. When refugees are able to work, they can create businesses and employ others; when they need fewer benefits and have money to spend in the local economy, they experience less frustration and feel more connected to their new communities.