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Post-COVID-19 New Lifestyles – 4 Ways to Quit Boring Life at Home

The epidemic forced changes in lifestyles around the world, now we’ve entered the post-epidemic, and spent more time working, studying, and eating at home. With fewer outdoor activities and gatherings. Living at home for a long time can be boring, IKEA brings the following ideas to give your life a bit more flavor, let’s find some fun things to quit your boring life and start living an interesting one!
​ ​

Pick up a Book and Start Reading

Work / Learn from Home​
The shift to staying at home longer that makes you have more time to work and learning new stuffs, with a good desk and chair can make work and study more efficient.​
Enjoy Reading​
Enjoy peace of mind. Put down your phone and tablet, pick up a book and start reading with IKEA floor lamp.​

Quality Time With Kids and Good Shows

Have Fun with Kid Toys
Comforting and learning toys contain no harmful substances. Only the most trustworthy companions for your little ones. Kids have fun and parents have no worries.
Perfect for Binge-Watching
Enjoy a happy time with snacks, finger food, and cool beer when playing video games or watching a movie.

Start a DIY Project!

Baking Time
With a complete range of IKEA baking utensils. You can enjoy the fun of making desserts and snacks. Don’t forget to place a cake stand, serve a perfect afternoon tea by yourself at home.
Sharpen Culinary Skills
Preparing food is not troublesome and time-consuming at all, IKEA has a variety of cooking utensils that allow you to become a chef in an instant.

Refresh Your Home For Summer

Dust-Free & Refreshing
Summer is coming, try to keep your home well ventilated with less dusty? IKEA's cleaning products and air purifier will all help reduce the amount of dust in your home, prepare the season change for this summer in advance.
Home Decoration
Create an atmosphere, put on lovely home decorations and fragrances to make you feel like living aboard.