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2022 IKEA Light Up Hope

Climate crisis makes the vulnerable in new challenges

Climate crisis is posing a wide-ranging risks and disasters to humanity.

How climate change affects people living in poverty? For the vulnerable families, restricted by the resources and economical support, they could only stay in a poor housing conditions with building insulation, outdated utility lines, and inefficiency of appliances problems.

Furthermore, lack of environmental protection knowledge and improper usage habits make the families suffered from high-risk living conditions but also the burden of utility bill. Undoubtedly, Energy poverty has made the underprivileged families in a worse situation.

IKEA Light Up Hope

The “IKEA Light Up Hope” program continually supports disadvantaged families to replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones, while providing them with environmental education and the knowledge of disaster prevention, incorporating the concept of sustainability into the livelihood empowerment of these families. We aim to support families in need to understand the importance of acting on climate change, build a sustainable home together. What we do:

To improve the living environment
To improve the living environment

We will assess the safety and sustainability of their homes. By evaluating their needs, we can repair old electrical circuits that are potential fire hazards and provide energy-saving appliances to create safer and better living place, to reduce the cost from household energy.

To advocate awareness of climate change
To advocate awareness of climate change

We will hold lectures on carbon reduction and energy efficiency. We aim to raise children’s sense of duty around being an eco-friendly global villager by using multiple learning methods, such as board games. Hope to increase children's awareness of energy conservation, environmental protection and caring for the earth.

To empower professionals
To empower professionals

We aim to improve social workers’ and plumber/electricians’ skills of environmental protection, energy using and related issues. By empowering them with the relevant knowledge so that they can properly provide appropriate service for families in needs.

To mentor eco-friendly livelihood project
To mentor eco-friendly livelihood project

After multiple evaluation such as local ecology and industrial characteristics, we will plan and help economically disadvantaged families to learn livelihood solutions which response to environmental sustainability. To provide a stable environment for children to grow up and to preserve the nature at the same time.


Seeing the lights at home being lit up

When Xiao En came back home from school with her sister, she was very excited to see the new lights in the house. Her sister looked up at the lights in the living room and feeling on top of the world. Due to the disrepair of the house for many years, only one lamp can be used in it. The two sisters and the sick grandmother had no choice to grope their way to go to bedroom. The dilapidated temporary bathroom was also damaged so only a small bulb could be used.

Luckily, “IKEA Light Up Hope” program by IKEA and World Vision Taiwan, we repaired the broken light fixtures in Xiao En’s house. The plumber carefully matched the appropriate lighting in different spaces: "The lights in the living room should be brighter to avoid hurting children's eyesight when they are studying; the bedroom needs mild lighting for a good night's sleep; the door lamp should be installed so that the girls will be safe when they go home." The social worker also encouraged Xiao En to study hard and get into the high school she wanted.


Come to support “IKEA Light Up Hope”,
light up children’s lives and hopes, create bright future!




Saving energy together with us

Changing to LED bulbs is an easy first step for a sustainable life.


Lighting is an essential part of our lives, for it makes our homes feel safer, cozier, and warmer. But because nearly 25% of the world’s total energy consumption is used for lighting, IKEA hopes to create a more sustainable lifestyle that saves energy without sacrificing convenience. LED bulbs are indeed more costly than traditional incandescent bulbs, but just think about not having to change your bulbs for the next 20 years and saving all that money on electricity bills, they suddenly become more than worthwhile. When we learned the benefits of LED, we became committed to developing LED bulbs that are affordable to many people while making sure they are good looking, well-designed, and unique.

LED bulbs reduce 85% of energy consumption and they last for 20 years.

When it comes to sustainable living,
there is more we can do...

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