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Big adventures start here!

Planet Play Needs You

Meet little E, a 5-year-old extraterrestrial from Planet Play,
where the energy comes from the joy of kids across the cosmos.
The more they play, the more energy of happiness grows.

But in recent years, children have been less happy.

We invite you to join Little E on an adventure through space.
Let's recover the energy of happiness children.

Begin your adventure journey
little E's Day Begins at Home

Starting in their space house, little E wakes up and greets their spaceship and space friends. Join Little E for an energetic day and see what they do!

Off to Space School

With space buddies, exploring new possibilities.
But sometimes... it feels like there's not enough time for play.
School takes up a big chunk of Little E's day.

Let's see what's been happening!

[Question 1/3]
According to the survey by IKEA and Child Welfare League Foundation,
33% of children have less than X hours of playtime on weekdays.
0.5 hours
1 hours
1.5 hours
Growing Through Play: Where Does Little E Play?

Safe and free play is a right for every child.
Providing them with appropriate space is key to igniting their playtime.
According to the survey by IKEA and Child Welfare League Foundation,
besides playing at home, over 54% of children frequently engage in outdoor play.

[Question 2/3]
Let's see where kids love to play the most. (Select multiple options)
Outdoor spaces
Store spaces
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After-School Playtime

The day's classes have ended! Before heading home,
let's seize the opportunity with Little E for some playtime before going back.

[Question 3/3]
Let's see how well you know about Little E's toys!
Which strict checks do IKEA toys pass? (Select multiple options)
Avoid small parts that children might swallow or choke on (e.g., plastic eyes).
All stuffed toys undergo a pull test of 90 Newtons to ensure quality.
Free from harmful chemicals, carcinogens, allergens, or fragrances.
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Challenge Completed:
We're Home!

After spending the day with Little E,
did you notice the three big challenges Little E faced?
Thanks for helping Little E complete the mission.
Let's see what kind of game player you are.
You can also join as an IKEA Family member and get special gifts.

Our new AFTONSPARV collection
brings outer space into the home space!

Designed to spark play and curiosity in children aged 3-7 years, it contains a host of space-themed toys including soft-toy astronauts and aliens, a cardboard rocket play tent, a spaceship, finger puppets, space-age lamps, galaxy- inspired bed textiles, and a glow-in-the-dark curtain.

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